All natural landscape, however small as it may be, could be found to have either biological, ecological, social or cultural value. A HCV area would be defined as an area with such values that is significantly recognized at the national, regional or global level.

SOP Group initiates the Biodiversity and Conservation units in 2015. We welcomed and supported research and development projects carried out in our oil palms estates and set aside forest conservation areas.

SOP Group also collaborate with various local and international partners, including universities, research institutions and private companies. A technical advisory committee provides governance and oversight on our R&D programmes. Our efforts are focused on forest conservation, rehabilitation and biodiversity conservation.

These collaborations facilitates an exchange of knowledge between SOP Group and research institutes, enable us to understand better on the dynamics of the environment in our estates. With these knowledge, we could improve our estates management to achieve higher standard, whether on peat or mineral, hence elevate the overall productivity of our existing planted area.