SOP Group respect and support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and advocates fair employment policies and practices as it is committed to provide equal employment opportunities to everyone without any discrimination such as against age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and nationality.

In line with this commitment, SOP Group provides its employees with a mechanism to raise any grievance arising from their employment and ensures that all grievances are dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with the other related policies of SOP Group.

SOP Group also provides its employees with a healthy, safe and conducive working environment.


Staff Events

The mantra of SOP staff can be said to be “work hard, play hard” and this is reflected in staff recreational activities such as sporting events, games, outings, gatherings and family days.

These are organised to foster closer relationship between staff members and their families with one another. These activities keep employees energized, knitted closely and create a healthy working environment.

Social Amenities for Our Employees

We believe that social amenities are crucial to ensure the social wellbeing of our employees. A high degree of commitment is directed to provide housing amenities, recreational facilities, clinic, learning center and places of worship for our employees.

All workers in our estates are given comfortable housing quarters and amenities, which are regularly maintained. SOPB is also spending substantial capital expenditure on continued basis to improve housing and other facilities for those working on the estates.