SOPB hosted two visits by international buyers and their consultants on 7th-8th March 2019 and 14th-16th April 2019 to our Bintulu Refinery, Lambir Palm Oil Mill and Sg. Balim Estate. The visits were initiated by customers who were keen to find out more about sustainability oil palms management in our estates, mills and refinery.

“The trip was extremely thorough and insightful and I have definitely gained a great deal of knowledge while on this trip with you. It was valuable to see the palm oil value chain from plantation through to the final product and am sure that this will be of value to me in future. The opportunity to openly discuss and evaluate the topic of sustainability and traceability is appreciated and for this I must specifically thank SOPB. The opportunity to see and compare the practices on both peatland and conventional land plantations was great to see first-hand.” – Feedback from our leading buyer.