Author: Kenny Wong

Sarawak has lived up to its name as the biggest state in Malaysia as Sarawak is one of the top crude palm oil (CPO) producers with output totalling 1,726,998 tonnes in 6 months 2022. Oil Palms has marked the major crops in Sarawak followed by rubber and pepper. Thousands of Sarawakians including smallholders of oil palm cultivations and entrepreneurs benefit from palm oil industry in ways of better incomes and brighter prospects for their families.

Despite the big economy contribution, palm is not free from international countless misconceptions. In Malaysia, oil palm planters need to comply with the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO), a national certification scheme for oil palm plantations and independent smallholdings to practice good agriculture and ensure a sustainable industry. The national certification scheme MSPO has been made mandatory by the end of 2019 by the Malaysian Government. Those oil palm growers who failed to comply will have their license revoked. It is extremely versatile, has lifted millions of people out of poverty and, properly managed, can be beneficial for the environment.

To push sustainability effort even further, Sarawakians consumers can purchase locally as it is environmentally friendly while supporting local communities at the same time. Check out the many options that you can buy Sarawak’s very own locally made high quality palm oil products:

– MERRIS Premium Red Palm Oil – It is an enriched blend from palm which is enhanced with Tocotrienols [Super Vitamin E] and Carotenes [Pro-Vitamin A]. Carotenes are rich in pro-vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin, mucous membranes, immune system, and good eye health. Suitable for stir-frying, baking, salad dressing and other cooking styles. Available in 500ml per bottle.

– MERRIS Red Palm Oil Classic – It is enhanced with Caro-A pro-Vitamin A, and T3E Super Vitamin E. It has other unique benefits that is beneficial to heart and brain health, provides metabolic and cardiovascular benefit, and improves bone density. Carotenes are also powerful antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Suitable for stir frying, baking, as salad dressing, consumed by itself and many other cooking applications. Available in 500ml per bottle.

– MERRIS Lite Pure Vegetable Oil – It is enriched with T3E® Super Vitamin E, trans-fat free and has no cholesterol. With its most recent refining technology, it is now lighter, purer, and cleaner which consumers can differentiate from the clarity of the oil. Merris Lite maintains its advantage while achieving absolute purity. Produced in house with 100% high grade refined palm olein. Suitable for a wide range of cooking purposes from frying, baking, grilling, to roasting. Available in 2kg and 5kg per bottle.

– MERRIS Blended Oil – It is rich with natural Vitamin E, cholesterol free, trans fat free. Cooking oil with peanut and sesame aroma blended from all natural ingredients. Suitable for stir fry and deep fry. Available in 2kg and 5kg per bottle.

– MERRIS Sunflower Oil – It is with high content of poly-unsaturated fat and extracted from sunflower seeds of premium origin and processed under stringent process control to maintain high contain of natural Vitamin E. Suitable for household cooking and salad dressings. Available in 2kg and 5kg per bottle.

– SARACO Pure Vegetable Oil – It is a cooking oil processed from pure refined palm olein. It is rich in natural Vitamin E with no cholesterol. SARACO oil is stable at high temperature, making it an excellent choice for general and high-heat cooking. Ideal for both household and industrial frying application, it offers longer frying life and greater value for money while maintaining the crispiness and taste of food. Available in 2kg, 5kg per bottle and 17kg per Jerrycan.

3. Master Fritura
– Master Fritura – It is rich in Vitamin E, lower oil absorption rate, high oxidative stability, high smoke point and good frying stability thus suitable for industrial continuous frying systems and deep fryer systems. Available in 18kg per Jerrycan.

4. Crescent
– Crescent Shortening – Contains palm oils with high oxidation stability and does not contain hardened oils. Crescent shortening is a neutral flavour that does not overpower other flavours. Specially formulated to provide a smooth consistency for easy mixing, optimal aeration and creaming properties, and good emulsion stability. Perfect for baking to add a delicate texture to pastries. Available in 16kg cartons with PE Liners.

– Crescent Margarine – It is an unrefrigerated vegetable oil-based margarine. It is rich in vitamin E and does not contain cholesterol. This all-purpose margarine is perfect for baking. Crescent margarines are textured to give good creaming properties at different temperature ranges and include a variety of sponge and dough fats. It imparts a pleasant buttery flavour and guarantees excellent even cake volume and softness. Available in 1kg pouch & 18kg cartons with PE Liners.

Show support to Sarawak’s state economy and get yourself locally-made cooking oil at your favourite supermarket in Sarawak today.

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