Author: Glenn Eric

Gone are the days where employee works just purely for money. Due to the rise of technology and vast job opportunities, employees have more control over their career path more than ever. In today’s competitive job market, there are many great opportunities and people are sure to shift from their current jobs when they can find something better. The corporations aren’t the only capitalists here.

As an employee, you are working hard for more than just the money- you want to know the benefits and perks – just in case if getting paid 6 figures isn’t not on the table. How about the working environment? Will you be working under a nurturing manager? Will you get trainings so you can meet with the demanding industry and technology expectations? Is the company you are working for, financially stable? These are all the questions we should be asking when looking for greener pasture.

Next time you are looking for a career, make sure to consider the following criteria of benefits and perks of choice:-

1. Job Security

An employer that is highly respected and well known within the industry or the region is became one of the main attraction for people to work with. The strong reputation comes through ethical practices, sustainability initiatives, solid financial performance, and strong corporate social responsibility.

SOP is significant for stability; a public listed company with land bank of over 122,000 hectares with 88,000 hectares planted with palm trees in Sarawak. It is very common to find SOP’s employees who has worked with the Company more than 10 years which shows that people are feel secured and happy working with SOP.

2. Opportunity for Growth

An employer of choice is an employer that offers performance development planning, career paths, internal and external training opportunities. Each of the individual within the organisation will get equal opportunity for growth, so that it can become a truly inclusive environment and no one feel left out.

SOP values the growth of its team members. SOP Group has always emphasised on upgrading the skill and knowledge of the employees in order to expand and improve efficiencies in its business operations. In facts, SOP Academy has produced hundreds of high quality of personnel in palm oil industry.

3. Positive Relationships with Co-Workers

A healthy working environment is where the employees are being treated equally; there is no favouritism; and practise zero politics in office. The most important things are trust, acceptance, and respect towards each other are needed. Cheers for each other success and share the best wishes towards each other. Good workplace relationship tends to increase employees career satisfaction which can lead to higher retention rates.

At SOP, positive relationships in the workplace is very important as it is an integral part of career success, also increases productivity as well as job satisfaction. SOP consistently conducts various events and engagement activities that help to facilitate a positive work environment and strengthen the bonds amongst the employees.

4. Appreciation and Recognition

Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces rewards the most important outcome that employees contributed to the organisation. It is essential, no employee wants to feel taken for granted or have their contributions go unnoticed. They have dedicated a lot of their time and energy to the organisation, and of course they want to be appreciated at the end of the day.

SOP honours loyal employees with Long Service Award. It is a gesture of recognition to thank employees who have dedicated themselves to the service of SOP. This is just one of many ways by SOP to express its sincerest gratitude towards its employees for their loyalty, dedication and commitment that have helped the company’s success over the years.

5. Leadership and Empowerment

Employees desire to be involved in decision making. They likely being motivated when they are trusted and given a responsibility to handle project. In some organisation, employees has limited opportunity to showcase their true potential because of lack of authority or resources to make things happen. Therefore, a good employer is passionate to build capacity of each employee and also cultivating and nurturing young employees to become a successful leader.

Over the years, SOP trained hundreds of planters and engineers in the state and contributed a significant role in the development of palm oil industry. An excellent young and passionate employees promoted to become a leader.

6. Stock Options (ESOS)

An employee stock option scheme is when employer offers employees an option to buy a certain number of shares in company at certain price over certain period of time.

In recognition toward its employee’s contributions, SOP Group extended the ESOS entitlement to its employees. The employees are entitled to participate directly in the equity of the Company which giving them a sense of ownership, belonging and loyalty in long-term growth and success of the Group. In addition, employees are able to enjoy the benefit in the success of the business which allows them to take financial profit.

In your next job search, don’t limit your requirement but to consider beyond high salary.

At SOP, we know this, which is why we are constantly working to improve our work environment. SOP is one of top preferred employers in Malaysia, henceforth hire, educate and train its employees on basis of meeting mutual needs and in respect of a healthy, safe and honest working environment.

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