Avantsar focuses on pharmaceutical research, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical product research and development.

Penang– Avantsar proudly announces the launch of the AvantHealth brand, and its ground-breaking products, oral health supplements and skincare enriched with Vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols. As part of the Sarawak Oil Palms Group (SOP), Avantsar Sdn Bhd, a research-focused company, is poised to deliver innovative food, pharmaceutical, and skincare products enriched with bioactive ingredients derived from sustainable palm oil and other natural sources.

AvantHealth products are designed to meet the highest standards of efficacy, safety, and reliability. Avantsar‘s commitment to quality ensures that each product is designed to provide optimal benefit, providing consumers with the confidence that they are investing in solutions backed by scientific research and consistent in quality. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality is reflected in its latest offering – the AvantHealth product line – featuring the benefits of palm vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols.

“We are excited to introduce AvantHealth as a trusted brand for the healthconscious community,” said Dr. Sherlyn Lim, the General Manager of Avantsar. “AvantHealth is dedicated to developing products and providing knowledge to empower people in their journey towards better health. We believe we will make a significant impact in the transformation from sick-care to health-care, one individual at a time.”

Each AvantHealth product is crafted to address specific health and wellness needs.

Avtriee® health supplements feature palm vitamin E Mixed Tocotrienols in a selfemulsifying formulation encapsulated in Vegicap® capsules. Avtriee softgels contains up to 200mg of total tocotrienols per capsule which can be taken daily for maintaining good health.

AvjellyE® is the first tocotrienols product in market in the form of a fun jelly-snack. Each jelly stick contains at least 20mg of tocotrienols which help improve cognitive function and act as antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress. The jelly also contains Vitamins A, B, C, D and E which are essential vitamins for good health. AvjellyE is a convenient, fun and healthy snack for children and adults alike.

Avreca® is a range of exquisitely formulated skincare products featuring the antiaging, anti-inflammatory and UV-protective effects of tocotrienols. The first line of products include a soothing moisturizer, an anti-aging face cream and an acnepurifying serum. The Avreca line have been tested dermatologically and proven to be hypoallergenic, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

AvantHealth products can now be found in Lotus Pharmacy. Lotus Pharmacy has been appointed as the official distributor partner in the Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

Avantsar is open to more strategic partnerships to ensure widespread availability of AvantHealth products.

As part of SOP, Avantsar leverages the collective expertise and resources of its parent company, ensuring that Avantsar adheres to the highest quality standards. SOP’s legacy of sustainability and commitment to excellence further reinforces Avantsar‘s position as an industry leader.

For more information about Avanthealth products and Avantsar‘s contributions to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical research and development, please visit https://avant.health/