Estate Manager, Mr. Jali Ak Milly (3rd from the right), along with longhouse chieftain Tr. Tugang Ngau (2nd from the right), posed for a group photo with others.

Author – Kenny Wong

In recognition of the challenges faced by the Long Maro community due to ongoing flooding, Sarawak Oil Palms (SOP) extended a helping hand by donating essential food items to 48 households in Long Maro, Tinjar Marudi last Thursday.

During the handover session, Tr. Tugang Ngau, representing his villagers, received essential food items, including rice, canned food, salt, instant noodles, and more, from SOP. This initiative aims to strengthen SOP‘s existing positive relationship with the villagers and demonstrate ongoing support during difficult times.

Statements from TR Tugang Ngau express profound gratitude to SOP for the timely contribution, acknowledging the significant impact of SOP‘s assistance during this challenging period.

SOP understands the importance of solidarity and mutual support during challenging circumstances. This act of kindness not only responds to the immediate crisis but also serves as a testament to SOP‘s ongoing commitment to “We grow together with Local Communities”.

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