FOR BETTER EYE SIGHT : SOPB to sponsor 70 spectacles and cataract surgeries for longhouse folk in its Eye Care Project at Rumah Lawai in Sebauh.

Miri : Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad (SOPB) will sponsor 70 persons in Sebauh who need glasses, 20 cataract surgeries and some needed eye care medication within a month under its Eye Care Programme.

Through this CSR programme, SOPB screened residents of Rumah Lawai Chukai in collaboration with a group of 22 volunteers from the ‘Caring Hearts, Caring Hands Group’, Eye Clinic of General Hospital Bintulu, Sebauh Clinic and Yang Low Ophthalmic Optician recently.

The longhouse chief thanked the volunteers saying their service was very much appreciated as the residents in this remote area had no access to proper eye care.

The volunteers assisted by the staff from Sebauh Clinic in their screening and this was followed up by a second round of eye assessment done by Dr Kongala Reddy from Bintulu Hospital at Sebauh.

According to SOPB, the Eye Care Project was to reduce the incidence of preventable blindness especially among children and elderly folks in the long houses at Sebauh areas, and to help in improve residents health and quality of life as they staying at remote area where there is no immediate access to medical facilities.

The first SOPB Vision Care Programme was conducted in Tinbarap on May 26, this year and the success prompted the company to undertake the second event at Rumah Lawai last month.

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