Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – From Left Eddie Pool Healthy Strides Foundation Chairperson, COO Eric Kiu Kwong Seng of SOP and CEO Dr Dayna Pool of Healthy Strides Foundation.

Healthy Strides Malaysia in partnership with Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad (SOP), Therapists Abroad Inc. and The Healthy Strides Foundation have established a world class rehabilitation centre of excellence with the opening of a new paediatric rehabilitation centre. The centre is supported by internationally recognised researchers and expert paediatric physiotherapists and occupational therapists from the Healthy Strides Foundation located in Perth, Australia. For the first time in Malaysia, children with neurological conditions and injuries will have access to the highest quality of services to improve health and well-being outcomes.

SOP are committed to supporting initiatives that build healthier, happier communities with physical and mental wellbeing a key focus. As Principal Partner of Healthy Strides Malaysia, SOP are proud to support the establishment of a world class rehabilitation centre in Miri to help children experience the life-changing benefits of rehabilitation.

Healthy Strides Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that specialises in the provision of world-class evidence-based research-backed intensive therapy programs for Western Australian children and young adults with neurological conditions and injuries. Established in 2018 by Dr Dayna Pool, the centre, based in Perth has 15 therapists who combine research with clinical practice to present advanced rehabilitative programs backed by the latest evidence. Dr Pool’s research scope includes the development of interventions that improve quality of life and meaningful participation and inclusion for children with disabilities.

The core values of Healthy Strides Foundation, along with the expertise of the therapists will support the establishment of the highest quality of services in Miri to ensure that children with physical disabilities because of neurological conditions and injuries do not miss out on the life changing care.

This week, the team from Perth have travelled to Miri to support the set-up of the centre and its unique and vital pieces of equipment as well as to train the dedicated team of therapists. The centre is set to be a hub for paediatric rehabilitation in South East Asia.

About Healthy Strides Malaysia

  • SOP, Therapists Abroad Inc. and Healthy Strides Foundation present a Malaysian paediatric first for intensive rehabilitation.
  • Healthy Strides Malaysia based in Miri provides intensive rehabilitation for children and young adults with neurological conditions and injuries.
  • Healthy Strides Malaysia utilises the latest research to improve outcome in children with neurological conditions and injuries.
  • Children with neurological conditions will have Malaysian-first access to the highest level of care in paediatric rehabilitation.

Comments attributed to Dr Dayna Pool, CEO and Clinical Lead of Healthy Strides Foundation:

“Healthy Strides Malaysia is set to transform lives. It will provide the much needed, high quality rehabilitation services for children that have experienced significant challenges as a result of a neurological condition.”

“Our goal is to see an inclusive society, where children with disabilities can confidently access their environments whilst also being actively apart of their community”

Interview Contact – Healthy Strides Foundation: Eddie Pool – Healthy Strides Foundation

Interview Contact – SOP: Joseph Ling – Healthy Strides Malaysia